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How can I secure my wedding date with you?

Securing your date is easy once we have established that i'm free for your wedding. A £300 retainer fee is all that is required to remove this date from my calendar. The remaining balance just needs to be paid up in full 4 weeks before.

What are your prices?

My prices start at £1200 for the digital only package and goes through to the Black Opal package which is £1900. Every package gives you full day coverage.

What kind of coverage will I receive should I book?

Every package gives you full day coverage. I really don't put timings on a wedding day otherwise I may miss something important.

How long before we see the pictures after the wedding?

In high season it may be up to 4 weeks before your images are completed and delivered but in most cases, you'll receive them within 2 weeks because I know you'll be dying to see them !

Can we customise the package after we've chosen?

Yes of course. Many couples upgrade after they have initially chosen their package. Just let me know and i'll change this for you.

I hate posing for pictures, Do I have to pose?

Talking about the style you want for your day comes high on the agenda so if you don't like those posy pictures, you'll get wonderful results without the need to do so.

Do you take traditional photographs?

I can do if you like. I usually keep the number of traditional family shots quite low so the day flows nicely and we don't keep everyone waiting around forever and a day.

Are you insured?

Yes i'm fully insured by a reputable specialised photography insurance company for peace of mind.

Are there travel costs?

I cover Essex, London and Kent without including any travel costs to your package price. If you live further afield, we'll simply agree upon a suitable figure to get me where I need to be for you.

What's your photographic style?

I have a relaxed, unobtrusive approach to a majority of the day because I really want to see the personalities shine through of the people I photograph. Where it's needed, i'll guide you for those wow factor and traditional images.

How long will my images be backed up for?

I keep your images backed up forever so if you lose or damage your original copies, i'll have another set to pass onto you. 

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

Rain will never stop a wedding day so I actually embrace it. There are images that you can get on a rainy day that you simply can't get on a sunny day. Reflections and gorgeous backlit umbrella shots will give you something really special so please don't worry.

I would like to book you for my wedding photography, what do I do next?

Great! The next step will be to pay your £300 retainer fee to secure your date. The most popular way to do this is bank transfer. You'll then receive an online contract which you'll need to read through and sign. That's it until a little closer to your wedding day (usually 4 weeks to go) where we'll have an in-person consultation to go through everything in greater detail.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

I do mention in the contract that if i'm covering your wedding for more than 8 hours, it would be nice to have a warm meal during the reception but it's not essential. I just need to know before the day so I can bring my own food if needed.

Can our friends and family take photographs with their camera's?

As long as your friends and family aren't photo bombing my images i'm totally fine with this. No uncle bobs in the aisle with an Iphone please :)

Do you edit all our photographs?

Yes. I always edit all the images that you'll receive.

Are our digital files watermarked?

No. The edited images you'll receive have no watermark, however the images online in your gallery will have a watermark for display purposes.

How many pictures will we receive?

Full day coverage can give between 450-600 edited images.

Do we receive the raw unedited files?

This would be the equivalent of a chef giving you the peelings from a meal he just cooked for you. It's not something you really need so I don't give those away.

Can we provide you with a 'shot list' or 'must haves' ?

Yes of course you can. It's your day so please do. I only ask if you would kindly consider the amount of group images you choose. Your guests will thank you for it if you keep this at a manageable level. I find under 10 works well for this part of the day.

Can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?

Sure, no problem. This is now a requirement for many wedding venues so just let me know if your venue needs me to send my certificate across.

When should we book our wedding with you?

It's a good idea to get your retainer fee across to me as soon as possible so that the date is secured. Popular dates go quickly so if i'm available, lets get you onboard to avoid disappointment.

What if you're sick or cannot photograph the wedding?

I work closely with 4 other wedding photographers that I know can deliver a high standard of work and is similar to my style. Thankfully I have never needed them but they will be on hand should this happen.

What if we want to order extra prints, how does that work?

I have an online store for the most popular sized prints but if you want something different to what's listed, just let me know and i'll get this sorted for you

Can family and friends view and buy images?

Yes. All your images will be available on your password protected gallery. They can order directly from my website and the orders will be delivered straight to their door.

Do you do parent books?

I do indeed. The black opal package has them included in the price but they can be added before your main album goes to print. They will be slightly smaller than your main album but just as stunning.

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