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Brides wed at the Channels venue in Chelmsford & celebrate in an unusual way - see how!

Brides Vicky & Jo marry at the Channels venue in #Chelmsford & celebrate in an entertaining and unusual way. The day started nice and relaxed with each bride having their own suite just a stones throw away from each other within the confines of the well kept Channels venue. Both ladies were really laid back and we managed to get some gorgeous memories during the first part of the day.

The channels venue in Chelmsford
Brides details, shoes and flowers
Brides getting ready

The weather remained kind to us all day so the planned outdoor wedding went ahead which took place at the back of the venue in an exclusive part of the grounds for the couple. 

Wedding ceremony
confetti shot

It wasn't until after the meal that they decided to celebrate in an unusual way which turned out to be very entertaining and made for some fantastic memories. The brides acquired a golf buggy from the nearby members shop. After carefully tucking in their beautiful dresses, they proceeded to do a few laps of glory around the front area of the venue. Their guests thought this was hilarious and some even joined them on the back of the buggy for a few candid moments.

brides in golf buggy
Brides having fun in golf buggy

It was just a unique situation and so natural. Nothing rehearsed, we just rolled with it and it worked out so well. I may have to see about acquiring a golf buggy the next time I visit the Channels :). Once the guests had seen these brides let loose on the golf buggies, I think everyone joined in the fun of the day (especially at meal time):

funny masks at the wedding reception

As the evening drew to a close, we captured some romantic moments with the little remaining light we had. It topped off a really fun filled day at the Channels golf club in Chelmsford, Essex.

sillouette of couple on the hill
Bridesmaids by the fountain
Brides by the fountain

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