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So guess who made it to the wedding in Italy? You'll love this story...

I bet you could never guess who made it to this particular wedding :) ... I'll keep you waiting a little longer as I'd like to take you back to where it all began so it all makes sense. A good friend of mine (Terri White) from our childhood got in touch through Facebook a few years back and this time we've managed to keep in touch. I even had the pleasure of photographing her wedding reception which was fantastic.

Fast forward a wee bit and we started talking about our love of dogs. Terri is a huge dog lover and is a volunteer for the Edward foundation founded in March 2011 and created to combat the abuse that hundreds of bulldogs face up and down the country. To date the foundation has gone on to help over 500 bulldogs find new homes and is a real success story.

She now helps out with an event called the Bulldog Bonanza with her friend Mandy Howsego which is in it's third year and going from strength to strength. I actually attended the last event at the Battlesbridge Antiques Centre and I have to say I was like a kid in a sweet shop. It was like full breed heaven and everything in between. Terri asked me to photograph the event to raise awareness and I jumped at the chance. I spent most of the time on 'dog-level' rolling around with them on a glorious day in April 2017.

I met some characters whilst I was there and one little chap in particular was about to hit the headlines in the most amazing way! Winnie, a beautiful french bulldog was there that day (seen below) looking proud I might add. You honestly couldn't take a bad picture of her which made my life too easy :). The day ended well, I got my shots and then thought nothing more of our brief encounter in the field. Once edited, I handed the images over to Terri so she could use them to promote and raise awareness as discussed previously.

Winnie the Bulldog at battlesbridge
The french Bulldog at the Bulldog Bonanza

A few days had passed and the images were starting to reach the owners of the dogs I had photographed at the event. One lovely lady by the name of Charlotte Fortune Limentani contacted me with a rather interesting idea for my image of her dog (Winnie). It just so happened that Charlotte was getting married in Positano, Italy in the August and of course poor ol' Winnie was facing up to the fact that her owners were tying the knot without their beloved pooch in tow.........OR WAS SHE????

Here's the best bit. Charlotte was never going to get married in a foreign land without Winnie, so she used my image to create a cardboard cut out and have her there on the day......How cool is that!!!!  Very creative and impressive I thought! The company she used was called Personalised Cardboard cutouts who did a terrific job in my opinion. Here stands a proud Winnie (once on a field in Battlesbridge) and now strutting her stuff in Positano, Italy at the alter. You just couldn't make this up. A dog is for life and shall be part of the family no matter what the occasion.....GO WINNIE and congratulations to Charlotte & Chris :)

French Bulldog in Positano, Italy
The french Bulldog at the alter
The french bulldog with his owners in Italy

Thank you guys for allowing me to use your images to show my readers your big day - much appreciated! I'd also like to end my blog by letting everyone know that the next Bulldog Bonanza will be in May 2018. The exact date is to be confirmed but i'll keep you posted. I'll be there and perhaps the next Winnie will be too!!! The Edward foundation would like to hear from you if you know of any mistreated Bulldogs in your area. They can be contacted on 07891138336.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next adventure!


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