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Charming Kent wedding for Lovely couple Kim & James

A small but beautiful Kent wedding at Bromley registry office took place on the 4th April 2016 and I was lucky enough to cover the event for the happy couple - Kim & James. My brief on this occasion was to simply cover the ceremony and some group shots afterwards so with time somewhat limited, I started capturing the key moments of the afternoon soon after arrival.

The groom arrived with his best man who was shortly followed by the first lot of guests. At this time there was glorious sunshine but it did look ominous on the horizon so it was a race against time to get the required shots before the heavens opened up. These first few moments are great with plenty of happy smiley guests (some not seen each other for years). I get a mixture of images of natural with some requests to capture family portraits. There wasn't a great deal of time before the bride had arrived so the mingling of guests had to stop and they were swiftly ushered into the ceremony room where a nervous looking groom stood awaiting his beautiful wife-to-be.

This is where I'd like to be in 2 places at once because I love capturing the groom and try to portray through imagery just how he must be feeling, but on the other hand, I like to be there for the bride arriving and get those last minute jitters that you can only get when you're about to tie the knot. As it happens, I caught some great moments from both scenarios with some careful time management.

Guests arriving with bride & grandad

This was it then. The bride came down the aisle with the guests looking on in admiration and there was a real sense of emotion in the room. The ceremony always seems too quick in my opinion but it was touching to be part of and we were out of there in no time. I would say I had a 15 minute window between the sunshine being present in the group photo's and an ensuing shower right behind it so we had to move quite quickly.

The ceremony

The best place to take images of the ceremonial party was behind the building we were facing as we made our way out of the room and into the courtyard area. It's about a 4 minute walk to the other side but well worth the effort as the building transforms into gorgeous architecture overlooking beautiful greenery. We had a few 'must have' family photo's but other than that, it was a relaxed affair and we had fun with the confetti shot (doing 2 takes because we could). 

The confetti shots

Once the guests made their way off to the reception, I had around 10 minutes with the couple to get some lovely shots to finish up with. Love the archways and bright white shelter we found :)

The bridal portrait
The couple shots

A big thank you to Kim & James for allowing me to be part of their day. Really enjoyed out brief encounter & wish you all the happiness in the world :) Take care guys!


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