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Long time partners finally tie the knot in a dream wedding at Essex venue Orsett Hall

Long time partners Michael & Sam Scarff became Mr & Mrs at the lovely essex wedding venue - Orsett hall this March. It was meticulously planned by bride Sam and it there was an incredible amount of detail undertaken to ensure all their guests left happy and inspired.

Everything happened at the essex venue itself. The bride had chosen to stay over night in the bridal suite next door to the chapel where the couple were to marry. It's definitely cosy in there when you have everyone involved getting ready but the atmosphere was upbeat and the bridal party were having fun so it went well. One image I was asked to get was the first time dad saw her in he dress. I love those moments & this moment was no different. 

brides shoes
emotional hug with bride and daughter
Makeup for maid of honour
Bride putting earrings on
bridal party
bride and dad
bride hugging dad

We were safe in the knowledge that whatever happened during the getting ready stages, we were only a stones throw from the chapel. With 20 minutes to go before proceedings got underway, everyone was ready and looking beautiful. I hadn't yet seen the groom so I spent some time with him at the alter soaking up the atmosphere. There was an touch of nervousness creeping in but that was totally understandable. The guests packed into the fairly small chapel and some even had to stand to accommodate the 138 in attendance.

Nervous groom
bride see's groom for first time
emotions from the bridesmaids
ring shot
applying the ring on the finger
first official portrait of the happy couple

The ceremony was really nice and over in a flash. We had quite a demanding list of shots to get through and rightly so. The grounds at Orsett hall are amazing and most couples really want to remember their day in as many areas of the venue as possible. The quaint tree swing, the bridge and the chandelier are a fair way apart from each other so we had to get cracking. I always feel for the brides in their shoes when we go from location to location. It was well worth it though as we got some fantastic memories.

couple by the tree swing
Bridge in background to happy couple
couple on bridge
The chandelier shot

So this took us nicely into the sit down meal in the grand hall reserved for the wedding party. There was so much thought and attention to detail in this room that I almost didn't have enough time to cover it all. The most moving of details was a touching tribute to the loved ones that had sadly passed. A small table was reserved for 2 framed images of the late family members which stood proudly alongside the top table.

Touching tribute 1
Touching tribute 2
guests enjoying their meals

Once the speeches had finished at the end of the 3 course meal, this very room would be the setting for the evening entertainment. It was big enough that no real changes had to be made to the layout. We had face painting, a photo booth, a rodeo bull and much more to keep everyone happy long into the night. The first dance took place a short way from the top table and on a custom dance floor that the couple had bought which was a nice touch.

face painting
rodeo bull
Photo booth
first dance 1
first dance 2

I had one more shot I wanted to get of the couple before my time with them was over. I had envisioned a romantic candlelit moment outside which also served as a breather from the action as it turns out. I knew that Michael & Sam were so comfortable with each other that I simply asked them to sit around the table and I captured whatever they gave me. I loved what we got and it was the icing on the cake to wrap up a lovely day. I wish them all the happiness in the world :)

candlelit shot 1
candlelit shot 2
candlelit shot 3

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