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A cold wintery feel for a beautiful Essex wedding at the Lawn

Essex venue - The Lawn was chosen by our couple Sherry & Josh to tie the knot. It's a gorgeous well kept grounds and attractive manor house makes this one of the most sought after places to get married and we were looking forward to capturing their special moments.

I say 'we' because a good friend and excellent wedding photographer - Steve Hobart had hired my services as a second photographer on this occasion which means I can get a little more creative with my angles while the proceedings went ahead. I had been asked to cover the groomsmen in the morning which took place in Benfleet (30 minutes from the venue). Everyone was looking dapper when I arrived so we started with some nice portraits in a relaxed atmosphere.

Groom in mirror getting ready
Groom with immediate family at home

I was to meet up with Steve at the venue as this is where he was covering the bridal party that had stayed overnight at the Lawn. Everything was on schedule and the groomsmen joined the guests in a cosy elegantly decorated room to the left of where the ceremony was to take place. This gave me enough time to cover the details on show and you could see just how much time and thought Sherry & Josh had taken to make this 'their day'. The cake in particular was amazing and quite unique.

Super hero cake

Once I had photographed the details, I met up with Steve on the second floor where the bridal party was and we did a trial run of how the nervous bridesmaids were to enter the ceremony hall. When you have high heels, stunning long dresses & stairs, you get nervous bridesmaids which is understandable but they were fine after going through the steps and it went perfectly well.

Bride coming down the aisle

The bride looked stunning in her attire and was full of smiles which was lovely to see. While the ceremony was going ahead, I took the position of aerial photographer on the balcony area above the hall. It was a great opportunity to capture a unique perspective that I would otherwise be unable to get. There were tears of joy and moving scenes which lead us out to the front of the venue at intervals due to how cold it was for all concerned. Steve carefully chose the groups he wanted, positioned them and took the formals in impressive time so that he kept the smiles on those friends & family.

Aerial view of ceremony
Emotional bridesmaids

It was particularly windy too which made it hard to create an elaborate lighting setup but keeping things simple actually proved the best option with Sherry & Josh really enjoying the experience. Things really did fly by after the ceremony. The speeches were very moving, the food - exceptional & the day maintained a nice flow.

Bride and groom shot
Brother speech

The evening started with the guests arriving around 7.30pm. the DJ had taken up his spot in the smaller hall of the 2 (next to the ceremony hall) where the first dance was to take place. By now, we knew the first dance was going to be relaxed and a romantic end to the day. It was the cherry on the cake to a wonderful day and I wish Sherry & Josh all the best for the future. A big thank you to Steve Hobart for hiring me. It was a pleasure to work alongside a great professional. i look forward to the next time!

First dance
Bride and groom hug

So this is just a glimpse into some of my work but you get a greater sense of my style from my wedding folio here. Take a look and if you have any questions, please ask. I'm always happy to help. My other blog posts can be found here if you enjoyed this one. Let me know your thoughts. It 's lovely to hear from you.

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