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Crondon Park continues to WOW it's Essex wedding couples.

 Essex venue - Crondon Park was the setting for today and I had the real pleasure of photographing the wedding of Hayley & Aaron from Basildon, Essex. They're a fun couple and wanted that to shine through on the day. They had the perfect venue waiting for them but the the day started back at the brides mothers home where there was a hive of activity as you would expect from such an important day.

bride perfume and lipstick
bridesmaids dresses
flower for jacket

We had a fair few girls getting ready simultaneously and the atmosphere was relaxed. After capturing some of the beautiful detail shots, I spotted a long glass table that pointed towards the patio doors where there was a stream of light coming through. I decided that this was where I was going to take the formal portraits of the bridal party and the results were really nice :)

Bridal portrait
Bride in dress

Tensions started to build for the bride as she neared her entrance. It becomes all too real when that dress goes on and for a few moments, you never know what you'll see. It could be tears, anticipation or even the stress of making sure everything goes smoothly. It's a lovely part of the day and for Hayley the nerves started to creep in.

After the bridal shots, I caught up with Aaron at the venue with his groomsmen. It was our first chance to try something fun and act as an ice breaker. I suggested creating a scene that looks like the groom is trying to escape at the last minute. A 'way out' sign provided the perfect place for this to happen and they loved the results but shortly after this, it dawned on Aaron that he would now have to take his place at the alter. This is the second section of the day where it can be unpredictable. Even the most stubborn or laid back grooms can break whilst waiting for their wife-to-be to join them in unity on the centre stage.

Way out fun

It turns out that Aaron was the more emotional of the two and it was touching to see :).

groom looking nervous
groom nervous 2
emotional room
tied the knot

So after the ceremony, we had a more relaxed Hayley & Aaron to have some fun with. I had planned a few golf ideas (seeing as we were on top of a golf course), with Aaron opting to incorporate his love of fishing. Hayley was such a great sport in her stunning dress and footwear. It made us all smile at the end of the couple shots and everyone had worked up an appetite for the 3 course meal they had kindly provided to their guests.

save the date golf shot
Groom fishing at Crondon Park

I'll always remember THAT wedding cake made from cheese though. We got more than we bargained for when it was time to cut it. The top section actually came flying off and hit the floor much to the surprise of Hayley. The scenes that followed were just gold for a photographer and completely natural which was awesome.

Cake falls apart
Groom pretending to eat cake
Bride looking for missing top of cake

Now as the evening went on, the reception entertainment began to make way for the DJ. Guests were lapping up the alcohol at the bar while staff got everything ready for the celebrations ahead. Aaron's dad was the first to venture onto the dance floor (pint in hand) and not a care in the world - love that!

Grooms dad dancing with pint

So my night ended capturing a romantic first dance of the lovely pair. It was a fitting end to a fantastic fun filled day. I'll always remember this day with a smile :).

first dance
first dance part 2

You can visit Hayley & Aaron's wedding page in full HERE but you'll just need a password from them to view. Pop them a message and relive everything as it happened.

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Thanks so much for reading and see you next time :)

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