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Southend on Sea, Essex shines for the summer wedding of Andy & Laurie

Southend on Sea in Essex plays host this time & I knew right away that getting those magical 'gold' moments was going to be a breeze when I saw how Andy & Laurie were when they were together. Not a care in the world & so in love which made my job somewhat easier. I had a little pressure here though because neither of them liked having their picture taken and they certainly didn't like how they looked in photo's that others had taken before me.

I love a challenge like this because I did know that they were going to look great with what I had in mind. So the day started back at their family home just 4 minutes from the Essex wedding venue (the Civic Center). I had the chance to photograph all the details while Laurie was out having her hair done by a local hair stylist. On her return, she slipped into a gorgeous wedding dress and took on a vintage style which I thought suited her very well. All the bridesmaids looked amazing in their blue dresses and it worked really well with the vibrancy of the bright red roses.

Bride in veil
Bride in mirror

They had opted not to have the groomsmen pictures due to time constraints so I saw Andy for the first time at the venue. We had a lovely Volkswagon camper van parked out the front which was to be the transport for the lovely bride and her bridesmaids. The whole day was Andy & Laurie to a tee - just the way they wanted it.

I had to work fast to get some nice portrait shots of Andy and the guests before the bride arrives and luckily I had already planned what I wanted in advance so this part played out rather swiftly and produced some really nice images.

groom shot

After much laughter and some emotional moments during the ceremony, I had something in mind within the Civic Center itself that I had planned a few days previous. The worrying thing was, the building wasn't actually open any longer as it was a weekend but with a little persuasion, I got my own way and they kindly allowed the 3 of us in for a few beautiful portraits.

Couple signature shot

During this time, I had asked the guests to make their way across the road and onto the grass opposite the venue which is where the group shots and confetti took place. I love nature and it works well with family shots and couple signature shots so I was pleased that Southend offered this peaceful secluded area in amongst all the surrounding traffic.

I never keep the large group of people waiting too long and i'm very conscious of how people feel so this part was captured as quickly as I could without compromising the quality or forgetting the images requested by the couple. Once I had the couple on their own, there's a really nice 'hidden' area through the gates and down the stairs which set the scene for some awesome couple shots. There was so many opportunities that I had to be careful not to let time get the better of me but the images we did get were really pleasing and they were very happy with them.

Bride and groom kissing
bride portrait
Couple on stairs

After they had a little Prosecco in the back of the camper van, we were off to cupids country club ( about a 15 minute drive) from the venue to enjoy the evening celebrations. The guests were comfortable when we arrived so it wasn't long before the buffet was unveiled and they all tucked in to food that everyone can relate to. The first dance again produced some gorgeous natural loving moments that Andy & Laurie had been giving me all day.

First dance

All in all a really enjoyable day with plenty to look over now that they have their images. Remember, if you know someone who is #engaged and looking for a photographer, perhaps give them my details - i'd love to be part of their day. I can be contacted here. I also have other blogs here which will give you a little idea of how other venues in Essex compare. If you're interested in what I offer, my luxury packages are here for you to take a look. Any questions please ask as i'm always happy to help.

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