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The sky lights up for Ruth & Barnes at Essex wedding venue - Hylands House in Chelmsford

A stunning grade II listed building dating back to 1730 set the scene for a gorgeous sunny wedding. Ruth & Barnes had chosen Essex wedding venue - Hylands house to tie the knot and it couldn't have worked out better for them.

I had a somewhat different approach to this particular wedding because I had been asked to take the role of second photographer by a friend & fellow wedding photographer - Scott Miller. His laid back attitude and rapore with his clients allowed me to try a few more creative shots that I may have otherwise not been able to try.

I had started early to set the seen as the golden morning sun kissed the beautiful white building. I met the couple for the first time at the venue and it was clear right away that they were totally in love and and ready to become 'one'.

Hylands House

I took the groomsmen images while Scott completed the bridal prep upstairs. We were working with outstanding videographers too and they had their own input as to what they would like to capture. I knew we were all going to come together and capture something special for the couple to treasure for years to come.


Scott was clear from the beginning where he wanted me and what he was going to take charge of. As the ceremony drew closer, I stepped outside the packed room full of anticipation and spent a few fleeting moments with the stunning and understandably nervous bride. My role was to think outside the box and get some creative shots whilst the vowels were taking place.

The nervous bride
Emotional bride

I had decided to take up a vantage point outside the venue and shoot through the windows for some unusual and exciting shots and I was really happy with the outcome.

Creative wedding shot

From here, all the guests sipped champagne in the sun on the plush greenery at the front of the venue. There was another lovely touch for all who attended which was the horse and cart provided by Ruth & Barnes. Everyone was smiling and more than happy to pose for the formal family shots.

Bride and groom relaxed
Formal family portrait
Wedding Horse & Cart

As the evening proceedings approached, we were aware that there were to be a spectacular fireworks display before the first dance and it didn't disappoint. Scott took care of the guests watching the fireworks in the grounds at the back of the building while I photographed the display from the front. The sky literally changed a multitude of colours and received amazing feedback from the guests.

Fireworks display 1
Fireworks display 2

This lead rather nicely onto the first dance which took place in a small and intimate room located at the front of the venue. Warmly lit from a huge heart shaped light and neatly surrounded by loved ones - the couple took to centre stage. It was almost as if Ruth & Barnes were in that room on their own and dancing to their chosen song without a care in the world. As a photographer, I long for this kind of carefree showing of emotion as it creates natural moments as it was on the day.

First dance

I wish the happy couple all the best and would like to thank Scott for the opportunity to be part of their day as well as the guests (some of whom were extremely helpful to make it as special as possible).

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