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Del Boy makes a return one last time! This time at Essex wedding venue - The old Rectory.

It was a classic scene as the groom came down the long driveway towards the Essex wedding venue - The old rectory. A complete surprise from his future wife as she took care of his transport on the day & kept her lips tightly sealed. The trotters independent traders were once again back in business and heading for their biggest job yet (getting the groom to the venue on time).

trotters independent traders van
groom in van
back of the van
top of the van

Everything was to be at the venue from the getting ready shots right through to the first dance and beyond which works really well & limits the problem of losing guests along the way. 

So my day had started nice and early around 8.30am at the venue built in 1837.

The old rectory sign
The old rectory

Set in four acres of lush Essex countryside, I set the scene with some great location shots which then lead to the getting ready shots with a nervous looking bride in the bridal suite. This was nothing that a little Prosecco couldn't fix and we were soon well on our way to enjoying the final hours of single life before tying the knot.

Bride getting ready
Bridal portrait

It was around 12.45pm when the groom arrived in the famous yellow 3 wheeler (complete with del boy lookalike chauffeur). We had some fun with the props that came with the hire of the car and all the guests were reminiscing over their favourite moments from various episodes.

I think it actually calmed everyone down for a while although the groom did appear cool as a cucumber and remained so throughout - quite rare really so well done to him! The wedding ceremony was at 2pm and everything went like clockwork. The aisle had been paved in rose petals and at the back of the room to the right, they had a touching tribute to those who sadly passed before this special day had arrived.

With all the guests in place, we were ready for the bride who looked stunning in her traditional long white flowing dress. There were plenty of emotional moments which was fantastic for me. This was par for the course from beginning to end and it really was a pleasure for me to be part of the occasion. After some fun speeches and a delicious 3 course meal which was kindly provided by the couple to myself, I had asked if they wanted to try something creative.

My idea was to have the bride seated inside the pagoda in the garden and have my 6m veil draped behind her to create an almost surreal princess image. I used 3 lights to create the image and it was well worth the effort to capture that something a little different. A big thank you to the brides step dad and the grooms brother for persevering with the veil - it really did make all the difference to the shot.

Bride in pagoda

So the evening ended with the most emotional scenes of them all because the mothers of the couple were called upon to step up and dance straight after the first dance much to their surprise. It was planned before the wedding that the bride would dance with her mum and the groom would dance with his mum but they didn't have a clue and it created precious moments that they can look back on in years to come with a smile.

Groom and mum first dance
Mum dancing with bride

Another well thought through & smoothly carried out wedding day for the happy couple. If you have enjoyed this blog and would like to know what I got up to on previous locations, then please click here to find out more. Also, if you know someone who is getting married in the near future, please let them know about my website and they can contact me here.

For those of you lucky enough to have a password for the full set of images for Paige and Ben's wedding, you can visit this page here & take a look!

Thanks for reading guys!

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