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The Edward foundation in Battlesbridge, Essex continues to grow

The Edward foundation in Battlesbridge, Essex continues to grow & was founded in 2011 run by De Randall & Marion Beardall. Edward the bulldog (as he was renamed) didn't have the best of starts in life and was discovered by some bulldog enthusiasts from a dedicated online forum in a pretty bad way. They set out to obtain possession of the poorly treated pooch and began the long road to recovery using the great services at the bulldog rescue. Edward was later re-homed and is now enjoying a fantastic life with owners that really care about him. He's even developed quite a following with admirers all over the country.

From this very unfortunate experience came the Edward foundation. An organisation that helps other bulldogs escape abusive upbringings and completely changes their lives for the better. They have plenty of fundraisers and volunteers to help grow the foundation (one of them being a good friend of mine), Terri White. Terri and I go way back to our School days and we were reunited through Facebook which I was really happy about. Further down the line, Terri asked if I would like to come along to the Edward Foundation's annual event held in Battlesbridge, Essex to take some photographs for the official website. I didn't need asking twice. If there are 2 things I love, it's photography and being around dogs of all shapes and sizes.

When it came to the event, I got there nice and early as it was opening to the public (although you wouldn't have believed it as the field was already starting to fill out. It was akin to a festival of sorts for the excitement and happiness coming from the eager dog owners & enthusiasts.

As I entered the field through the metal gates, I was greeted by a whole host of stalls ranging from dog accessories to kissing booths for canines. The whole setup was larger than I had imagined and every stall holder beamed with a friendly smile which was incredibly welcoming. All we had to do know is add the huge variety of dogs to the mix and we had ourselves a wonderful environment for a great cause.

One way YOU could help the foundation (whether you're a dog owner or simply a lover of pets) is to visit their Facebook page and make a small donation to allow the good work to continue. The organisers are always available for help  or advice and one way to catch them is to call 07891138336. If you would like to know more about the foundation, you could visit their official website here:

So let's take a little glimpse into the world of the Edward foundation for 2017. Maybe you would like to join us next year for the 2018 event. We would love to see you there :) Put the 6th May 2018 in your diary and we look forward to meeting you!

The Edward foundation dogs
Crowds gathering for the event
Bulldog at the show
Collage of local stalls at the event
Dogs being judged
Dog board for show entries

Thanks for taking a look guys! Until next time - love your pets loads!

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